How Do Traumatic Brain Injuries Happen?

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We often hear the term “traumatic brain injury” used to discuss an injury suffered by a loved one or acquaintance. However, most people have only a vague idea of what the term means. Brain injury typically occurs when a force to the head disrupts normal brain activity.

The force can be a blow to the head from a blunt object or by hitting the head on a hard surface. Sometimes, the force can come from a metal fragment or a bullet. This is why the incidence of traumatic brain injury is high among wounded soldiers and accident victims, or victims of serious assault crimes. A milder form of brain injury can occur with a mild concussion.

Traumatic brain injury comes with varied signs and symptoms. Typically, cognitive function is disrupted and may result in memory loss, confusion, inability to stay focused, and inability to finish routine tasks. Milder forms can be difficult to identify because an individual may be good at compensating or masking the signs. In more severe forms of brain injury, the individual may have trouble with speech, reading, or writing, where these were previously not difficult tasks.

Brain injury that causes severe brain dysfunction can make it difficult for the individual to work due to loss of certain abilities. In severe cases, daily routine tasks may become challenging. Sometimes a person suffering from brain injury can experience severe mood swings and can even hurt loved ones or frighten them with violent outbursts.

When brain injury occurs as the result of an auto accident or an accident at work, another party may be at fault. Workplace accidents can often be prevented by implementing proper safety measures. Regardless of how the accident occurs, the party who caused the injury is at fault and should be held liable with the help of a Chicago personal injury lawyer.

Seeking compensation from the party who caused the accident may be necessary. An individual may have a family to support or responsibilities he or she can no longer take care of. Compensation helps by allowing the individual to financially support loved ones or get additional help with certain responsibilities. This is especially important when loss of income has occurred. In cases of brain injury, it is always a good idea to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer, who can help navigate the process of seeking appropriate compensation for the person suffering the loss.

A competent personal injury law firm knows the law related to brain injury and understands the requirements for filing a case in the courts. An attorney can advise those suffering from brain injury and their family members on how to proceed in getting proper compensation. It is never easy dealing with financial or cognitive loss when brain injury occurs. Personal injury attorneys understand this and work hard to get the right compensation, helping alleviate some of the burden. Brain injury caused by the negligence of others should be compensated adequately.



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